There's nothing I like better than photographing babies. Three-month-old Ellie was a great model. Isn't she just beautiful??


Chris and Meredith

Took just a few shots of Chris and Meredith yesterday. Meredith is the rare breed of woman whose beautiful exterior perfectly matches her beautiful interior. Chris seems perfect for her, a really great guy. Can't wait for the wedding.



Well, I don't usually do headshots but I think these of Katie turned out nice. She's very photogenic, though she likes to say otherwise.


A work in progress

Well, everyone else has a photoblog, so here I am too! I'm really excited to get started with this new photography business. I'm doing free sessions for the next few months to bulk up my portfolio, and I'm also working on fancying up my website and making business cards and watermarks. There's lots to think about, but it's all a lot of fun.

See my website here: http://juliecphotography.smugmug.com/