I met beautiful 6 month old Blakely and her look-alike beautiful mom this morning. I got lots of great close-ups of Blakely when I discovered her secret tickle spot - the same spot that always gets my daughter, that irresistible hunk of upper leg. Thanks for a great morning, girls!


April and Chris... and baby Blake

My first maternity shoot today! April and Chris are hilarious. I had quite a few blurry pictures because I was laughing so much. Thank you guys for letting me get some practice. I look forward to many more maternity shoots. And I can't wait to meet your little guy.



Hannah and I spent this beautiful afternoon playing with Anna, my neighbor's granddaughter. Isn't she gorgeous?! Anna showed us a few ballet moves and some cheers, and I pulled the girls around the backyard in a wagon. I'm actually sad that Anna is leaving tomorrow to go back home to Tennessee. She has been so much fun to play with. It makes me eagerly anticipate Hannah being that age.


Emily and Sarah

We visited some friends for the most delicious dinner ever on Easter. Hannah loved playing with Emily's toys and getting licked by their dog. Emily showed me her jewelry and modeled her favorite pair of sunglasses. Sarah is a little genius, she would nod or shake her head when her mom or dad asked her a question, and she gathered a basket full of eggs during our little egg hunt.


Amelia and Will

These two were so much fun. Will is such a character with so much energy. And Amelia is so sweet and smart. I loved our afternoon of turtle spotting and caterpillar rescuing.



Gray was my model for my very first senior photo session. I was praying the whole time that the rain wouldn't start up again, and thankfully it didn't. Thanks for being such a great, fashionable model, Gray! It was a fun change of pace for me.


Emma Grace

Happy first birthday! Don't you love the icing-all-over-the-face pictures? Priceless! Emma started out a little slow, carefully dipping her finger in the icing, but it didn't take long for her to dig right in.


Ella Clare

Oh, I love one-year-olds. Talk about a fun, easy afternoon. The weather was perfect, and Ella Clare couldn't have been more adorable. She was such a joy to be around. She attracted many strangers, waving and blowing kisses the whole time - and she loved every minute of it!

...if these don't put a smile on your face, nothing will! ;)


Charlotte Rose

What a beautiful baby with a beautiful name. I fell in love with little Charlotte, how could you not?? I'm excited to edit the rest of these, I think we got a lot of keepers.