Hannah the Gardener

For the longest time, Hannah did not want anything on her head - no hat, no bow, nothing. But suddenly, she's taken to wearing this hat just about everywhere. Whenever she sees it around the house, she grabs it and puts in on. The hose is another new favorite. We can't step outside the front door without her walking to the water spout to try to turn it on. But anyway we had so much fun this particular evening hanging out outside after it had cooled down a bit, watering the flowers and pulling weeds. Hannah can be a really great helper.

If there's a certain thing your child likes to do - could be gardening, running through the sprinklers, baking cookies, dancing, doing cartwheels, etc. - I would love to set up a session time to capture their personality doing what they love best.

Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I am lucky enough to have both a really wonderful dad and a really wonderful husband. AND a great father-in-law, too. Don't know what I would do without those three men.


More Owen

I've been editing pictures tonight, and these are my new favorites of this little guy. I loved all his expressions.


Cooper and Owen

I'm sure Cooper and Owen's mom wishes she had about 20 hands to keep up with these two, only 18 months apart. The boys were so sweet and adorable. Cooper is only a month younger than my daughter, so it was fun to see him doing a lot of the same things she's doing. We'll have to get together for a play date soon, for sure!