Three Christmases with Hannah

I love this girl. She is not easy to photograph, but I love her. With all my heart. She makes Christmas day and every day better than ever before.


Bobby & Will

I met Bobby & Will this summer - what adorable brothers they are! (See their first session here.) I always love being around little boys, since I'm mostly around little girls. Bobby and I did a little bonding during the course of our session, and I was fully ready to bring him home with me. He grabbed hold of my hand while we were walking downtown and talked about what he wanted for Christmas, his Halloween costume (wizard - not lizard, like I thought), and sang songs he learned in school. How sweet is that??



I recently came across this handy catalog from my print service listing all the products that I have available to sell. Take a look, and be sure to click on the tabs to see prints, merchandise, and other stuff.



Cooper & Owen

Cooper and Owen are sweet brothers and one half of a beautiful family. We met up Saturday afternoon, when it was a little chilly but really a perfect afternoon for pictures.