Alabama snow

Took Hannah out in the snow today for just a little while - her third time seeing snow in her 2.5 years, not bad! She has a little cold so we didn't want to risk it getting worse by staying out for too long. I did, however, bundle her up in three pairs of pants, two shirts, a sweater, a coat and a rain jacket! She loved holding the snow in her hand and making snow balls, even though she refused to wear gloves. But she hated when the snowflakes flew into her eyes. She talked the rest of the day about how much she disliked that, actually. haha! If you live in Alabama, did it snow where you are? Did you get out and play in it? I was surprised to hear that it snowed in my husband's hometown in the southern part of the state. He said the last time he remembers it snowing there was 1996!



I met Lisa during my husband's family's Thanksgiving get-together, and thought she was just adorable, so I was excited when she contacted me about doing senior portraits. We braved the 40-degree weather and got some great shots in between her chattering teeth. ;) Lisa will be heading to Auburn after she graduates, and hopes to focus on studying to become either a teacher or a wedding planner. Believe it or not, she's just as sweet as she is pretty. I had so much fun with you, Lisa! Hope the rest of your senior year is great!