My Hannah Bear

We took some spring pictures yesterday. We were really just happy to get outside after four days of rain. At almost 20 months, my girl is NEVER still. I do a lot of pointing, shooting, and praying. ;) I yearn for the days I can tell her, "okay stand there and smile." Those days are coming, right? Right?!


Print prices

A couple people have asked for a listing of print prices, so I thought I'd post them here for anyone interested. I like to keep prices very affordable, because I know how expensive it can get when you want to order every picture that you like - it can add up so fast!

Prints are available in lustre finish and metallic finish. The lustre is like a glossy and matte combined. It's really good-looking and doesn't leave fingerprints or smudges. The metallic costs a little more, but I always suggest ordering at least one print in that finish. It especially looks good on pictures with saturated, vibrant colors. It looks just like it sounds... kind of shiny and metallic-y, for lack of a better word. ;)

I will just list the prices of the lustre finish; metallic finish is double that price.







...And it goes from there. There are some specialty sizes available, as well as things like coffee mugs and canvases.

Prices are subject to change (but not in the near future!). In all honesty, I'd like to keep print prices around this same price, but will eventually raise the price of my session fee. I really want everyone to be able to afford great-quality pictures, to be able to buy as many as they want and whatever sizes. I think that's very important.

If you have any input on anything, let me know. I am open to any and all suggestions.


KCC, part 2

I had a great time at the sale this morning! Despite the dreary weather, there was a great turnout. People were lined up outside with their umbrellas and rain jackets waiting for the doors to open. I met some really nice people, saw some really cute kids, and even made a couple of appointments! I decorated my table on a very small budget, but I still think it turned out nice (ignore the ugly paint-striped wall I had to set up in front of). I would've liked to have displayed larger pictures... maybe next time. If you didn't enter to win a free spring photography session, go back and drop your name and e-mail address into the basket! The consignment sale runs all week.


Kids Clothes Connection

I set up my booth this week at the Kids Clothes Connection, a big consignment sale that comes to town twice a year. This is the first real advertising I've done, so I'm anxious to see how things go. The sale starts tomorrow, and I'm totally excited to meet some new people, and hopefully get a few cute faces in front of my camera! ;)

I'm doing spring sessions for $40. This includes up to an hour and a half of photography for up to four people, and at least 25-30 pictures in an online photo gallery. Print prices are very reasonable, starting at $.75 for a 4x6.

I've been brainstorming about ideas for mini-sessions. I'd love to pick a Saturday and offer $20 30-minute sessions, which would give you at least 10-15 pictures in your online gallery. To do this, I'd ideally like to have at least four people interested, so send me an email or leave a message here if this sounds like something you'd like.

Look forward to seeing you at the Clothes Connection! I'll be there tomorrow (Saturday) when it opens until about lunchtime, and I'll be dropping in at other times throughout the week.

Email me at juliecphotography@gmail.com, and check out my website http://juliecottrellphoto.com/.



Wow, this little guy is adorable. I can't get over that beautiful blonde hair! I really loved meeting Elliott and his sweet mom.


...and here she is all grown up! Leah was full of smiles in her cute orange top. She's the picture of spring.


Stevie and Leah

I really focused last year on teaching myself how to use Photoshop. There's just SO much you can do with it. It can take an okay picture and turn it into a great picture. So now that I think I finally have a method down with it, I've been re-editing some older photos. I've always loved this one of Stevie, one of my very best friends, and her daughter Leah, at three months. It's hard to believe this was taken over a year ago. I can't wait to see them next week, and take Leah's pictures again next month!


New design

Yes, this is my third design on my blog and website. My husband has been making fun of me because I've been a little obsessed lately trying to get everything put together, and make some kind of logo and banner that I won't get sick of. I think I'll stick with this one. I scoured the internet for fonts, and I like the two that I've chosen. The orange and white color scheme makes me happy. And the dandelion reminds me of being a kid - it is one of those quintessential simple childhood pleasures. Finding a dandelion, making a wish, and blowing until all the white fuzzies have scattered. What could be more perfect? I also like that though the dandelion is considered a weed (and weeds are such nuisances!), it is quite beautiful. When I'm not photographing people, my favorite thing about photography is being able to find something that others might consider "ugly", and capture its beauty in my picture. I love finding beauty in everything, particularly in things that are old and forgotten.

Anyway, if anyone's out there reading, leave me a note and let me know what you think!